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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name
Atleza Langunn


No dual identity; true nature unknown to general public


Place of Birth
Pine Bush, New York

First Appearance
Infinity Abyss #3 (2002)

For millions (if not billions) of years, a succession of beings have secured Earth-616's reality's proper place within the cosmic vortex, or Infinity Abyss. Members of various races have served this thankless, solitary task, existing in a realm outside space and time. As each reality-anchor approached death he or she transferred knowledge to his or her successor before dying. The successor assumed the mantle, taking a seat surrounded by his or her predecessors' coffins. Atlez served this role for over 2000 years, but the recent "Destiny War" — the conflict between the Time-Keepers, Kang, Immortus, and the Avengers —created a rift in time, resulting in Atlez approaching death just as his successor, the human girl Atleza Langunn, was born. Knowing Atleza could not be prepared using normal methods, Atlez summoned Adam Warlock, holder of the Soul Gem and a being of cosmic significance, and transmitted a tutorial that Warlock could pass on to Atleza. However, even Warlock's mind was driven mad by Atlez's message, and Warlock retreated within a cocoon in an insane asylum on the planet Degaitor, located in the Herculean spire.

Running out of time, Atlez acted to restore Warlock. Atlez added a single-line, "Adam Warlock is the key to oblivion," to the data stream of the nihilistic Thanosi, self-variants of the mad Titan Thanos created using a combination of sorcery, cloning, and technology designed to combat specific beings. Depleting his power reserves, Atlez caused a meteor to crash into Thanos' then-abandoned base to free one of the Thanosi. Instead, several Thanosi were freed — Armour, Mystic, Warrior, X, and Omega; designed as counterparts to Iron Man, Doctor Strange, the Imperial Guardsman Gladiator, Professor X, and Galactus — and Atlez's plans spiralled out of control as they plotted to slay Atlez and Atleza and to destroy all reality. The Thanosi caused pockets of non-existence to engulf portions of the universe, but Atleza subconsciously protected her household from this effect. The Thanosi did recover Warlock, who joined with Thanos, Pip the Troll, deadly warrior-woman Gamora, the Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Dr. Strange, Moondragon, and Spider-Man to protect Atleza and destroy the Thanosi. Warlock transferred Atlez's tutorial to Atleza, who accepted her cosmic role. Warlock and Gamora joined the two year old Atleza in her new realm to ease her transition and act as foster parents.

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