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Marvel Universe 

Avengers (Earth-9904)


Earth-9904 (excised from existence)

First Appearance
What If? #9 (1978)

Current Members:

When the Avengers pondered what it would have been like if their team had formed in the decade of the 1950s, Iron Man activated his dimensional viewer to follow what transpired on the alternate Earth-9904. In this dimension, a group of heroes were brought together by FBI agent James "Jimmy" Woo to serve as bodyguards to President Eisenhower. The Yellow Claw of that dimension had thrice attempted to assassinate Eisenhower, according to Woo. The Claw's newest attempt would involve the villains Skull-Face, the Great Video, Electro (not to be confused with the Spider-Man villain), and the Cold Warrior.

The Claw's thugs succeeded in nabbing the president, but the Avengers (Earth-9904) gave chase. Thanks to the Yellow Claw's niece turning against her uncle, the Avengers found and rescued Eisenhower. But afterwards, the president felt that the current political and social climate wasn't yet ready to accept the superheroes, so he asked them to disband and to take measures to cover up the fact that they ever existed.

In a mission that seems to have taken place before Eisenhower's request, the newly formed Avengers (Earth-9904) were clandestinely on duty to protect Vice-President Nixon while he made an appearance at a local fair. Unbeknownst to the team, however, was the fact that Nixon had been replaced by an alien Skrull. This was only discovered due to the arrival from outside the timestream of the AvengersCaptain Marvel and the Wasp. The Avengers (Earth-9904) initially believed Marvel and the Wasp to be foreign agents intent on kidnapping Nixon, but Marvel Boy (Earth-9904) utilized a telepathic probe to confirm the truth. And the truth was that Marvel and the Wasp were there to prevent the further time manipulation of Immortus in the course of the Destiny War. Immortus' goal was to completely destroy the Avengers (Earth-9904)’s timeline since, once the Skrull was discovered, it would have led to a xenophobic (and thus, dangerous) humanity traveling to the stars. Although Marvel and the Wasp barely managed to escape, Immortus used the Forever Crystal, and succeeded in culling the timeline from all existence.

Note: The Avengers (Earth-9904) should not be confused with the Agents of Atlas, many of whose characters are similar in name and appearance.

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