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Marvel Universe 

Avengers (Osborn's team)

After killing Queen Veranke to end the Skrull invasion, corrupt tycoon Norman Osborn was given command of America's superhuman infrastructure; reorganizing the compromised S.H.I.E.L.D. into HAMMER. He formed his own Avengers to replace the team led by the disgraced Iron Man (Tony Stark),
Enlarge Image
Osborn's first Avengers team
but eventually Osborn's psychotic side surfaced and after an unsanctioned attack on Asgard, Osborn was exposed to the world and incarcerated along with several members of his team. Osborn later escaped two containment facilities and renewed his attack on the Avengers by forming a second version of his own Avengers. His campaign to turn the media against the true Avengers was succeeding until he was betrayed by Skaar, who was secretly working for Captain America (Steve Rogers) the entire time he pretended to go along with Osborn's agenda. Osborn's Avengers were defeated by the Avengers and arrested.