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Marvel Universe 



Earth-691, Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Silver Surfer #2 (1968)

Home World
Moord, Loitara

Technology Level
Advanced cloaking technology, faster-than-light space travel


The Badoons are known for having a gender division, resulting in the male and females to live in separate societies. The male Badoons reside with the Brotherhood of Badoon, where they are ruled with a king on the planet Moord and the female reside with the Sisterhood ruled by a queen in Loitara, respectively.

Enlarge Image
Badoon Females surround the Hulk and the Valkyrie
This species claimed to be older than both the Kree and Skrull races, but the ultra-violent mating rampages their biology forced on them kept them as savages for millennia, with both sexes in a virtual state of war with each other. Plant-life which delayed or diminished these urges allowed the Badoon males to move from hunter-gatherers to a semi-civilized society; during this time, one of the Badoon served as one of the galaxy-guarding Chosen Eight of Fate. The male Badoon eventually conquered and enslaved the females entirely, placing them in isolated camps to help to reduced the triggering of the mating urge. Though further chemical developments allowed greater control, eventually the males left their homeworld entirely, and they setup a new homeworld, Moord, and the males only returned to Lotiara only to mate. Eggs from this mating were collected and returned to Moord, and the female hatchings were returned to Lotiara. With their societal disadvantages under control, the Badoon began a crusade of conquest across their galactic neighborhood.

Seeking pawns to control or contain Earth, Immortus sought out the Badoon's Brother Royal and convinced him to attack the Earthlings