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Marvel Universe 

Beast (Earth-311)


Marvel 1602 (Earth-311)

Real Name
Henry McCoy


Publicly known


Place of Birth

First Appearance
1602 # 2

Ever since he was born, people had questioned whether Henry was a man or a beast. They accused his mother of having congress with an ape. His mother took to her bed and died there upon hearing these accusations and his father followed shortly thereafter. Henry was subsequently left all alone in the world depending on only his wits to see him safely through. While strangers would fling muck and stones at the misshapen man, Henry would defend himself using his strength and agility. Shortly thereafter he was offered to stay at Carlos Javier’s school for witchbreed like himself and Henry accepted. One night, Henry discovered a youth sneaking around the estate and pounced on him. He discovered that the youth was Peter Parquagh who was sent by Sir Nicholas Fury to warn Carlos Javier that he was coming to capture him and his students under orders of the King. Peter told Carlos and his group that they should surrender to Fury. That way there will be no blood shed on either sides. Despite the initial opposition of his students, Javier accepted the terms. When dawn came, Fury arrived with an army and captured Javier and his students. That evening in the Tower of London, Javier, Fury and Stephen Strange discussed a way to rescue the Fantastick Four from the clutches of Count Otto von Doom of Latveria. Javier agreed to help and Fury managed to help them escape aboard the ship, The Eagle’s Shadow. John Grey, with the help of Javier, managed to psychically steer the ship overland. Arriving in Latveria, Henry and the rest of the heroes aboard the flying ship fought Count Otto von Doom and his army. They managed to free the Fantastick Four from their prisons and defeat Doom. However John died from the stress of over-using her powers. After arriving in the New World, Henry and the rest of his team mates decided to stay in Roanoke.

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