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Marvel Universe 

Berev'ha Dentii


Marvel Universe

First Appearance
(Verminus Rex) Ghost Rider #89 (1997); (As a race) Ghost Rider #2 (2009)

Home World
Realm of the Berev'ha Dentii

Technology Level


Physical Description
The Berev'ha Dentii also known as Short Teeth are rodent-like humanoids

The Berev'ha Dentii were a race rodent like humanoids, they are also known as Short Teeth . They were a race of warrior mystics that dwell between the walls of dimensions. The Berev'ha Dentii was thought to have been erased from existence for centuries, although the circumstance of their disappearance was unknown. There was only one known member of their race; his name was Verminus Rex. Verminus has lost his life quite a few times, although he continues to be resurrected from the dead by the spawn of Mephisto, Blackheart to serve among his Spirits of Vengeance. In recent history, Verminus was resurrected again, but this time the entire Berev'ha Dentii race was resurrected by the rouge angel, Zadkiel. The Berev'ha Dentii was used to kill and feed upon the power of the Ghost Riders, who are the true Spirits of Vengeance.

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