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Marvel Universe 

Black Air

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Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Underground in the UK.

First Appearance
Excalibur #86 (1995)

Current Members:
Michele Scicluna, Threadgold

Black Air began as a British government unit that recovered unusual artifacts for weapons design research. However, those in charge soon grew corrupt, seeking personal power, and using black ops to achieve their goals. With the dissolution of the UK's Weird Happenings Organization, Black Air's official remit expanded to observing and dealing in paranormal events, giving them access to an army of mutated children under WHO's care; Black Air dissected them. Eventually they allied with London's Hellfire Club in a plan to take over the UK, but Excalibur stopped them. Having had their ambitions and criminal methods exposed, Black Air went underground, recently resurfacing to break the Shadow-X terrorist group out of British custody.

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