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Marvel Universe 

Black Bunny Brigade


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Formerly Mayhem Mekaniks, Spacewheel

First Appearance
Incredible Hulk #271 (1982)

Current Members:

Mere mercenaries by trade, the Black Bunny Brigade worked for the highest bidder on Halfworld, carrying out whatever assignments were given to them with deadly efficiency. Whether it was a raid on the Cuckoo's Nest or an assassination mission, these bunnies were feared throughout the Keystone Quadrant. However, one foe always eluded their grasp – Rocket Raccoon. Still, their employer, Judson Jakes, always called on them in his time of need when Killer Clowns didn't have the finesse needed for a delicate task. However, when Blackjack O'Hare, leader of the Brigade, decided to work for Lord Dyvyne instead, it signaled the beginning of the end for his bunny assassins. Uncle Pyko, inventor extraordinaire, gave Jakes a device to eradicate Rocket Raccoon, but the Killer Clowns soon found out that Vacuusleds could wipe out the Black Bunny Brigade just as easily. Blackjack O'Hare was the sole survivor of the Black Bunny Brigade, and in order to stay that way, the wily rabbit had to ally himself with his hated enemies. Whether or not O'Hare will reform the group has yet to be revealed.

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