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Marvel Universe 

Black Choppers


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations

First Appearance
Taskmaster #1 (2010)

Current Members:
Several unidentified members

The Black Choppers are a motorcycle gang comprised exclusively of extraterrestrials doing the arcane bidding of an unrevealed conspiratorial organization. Some of their members are also part of the Minions' International Liberation Front (MILF) whose main goal was to take down and replace their masters in the Org, but they needed Taskmaster to find them. Red Shirt forged a bounty on Taskmaster's head, sending the Choppers to pretend to collect on it, provoking Taskmaster to seek out the Org. The Choppers then captured a Shi'ar soldier so MILF's leader, Red Shirt, could learn his fighting style; a style Taskmaster presumably wouldn't be able to copy.

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