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Marvel Universe 

Black Dahlias


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Los Angeles, California

First Appearance
The Order #5 (2008)

Current Members:
Cut (Team leader), Diesel, Drang, Lisa, Carrie

By the account of former their former member Mulholland Black, the Black Dahlias is an all girl gang in Los Angeles, which was formed with the purpose of protecting women and girls from the exploitation of the streets. The Dahlias operated as vigilantes against pimps, drug dealers and all other predators of women. The gangs purpose changed, after they became intertwined with the mysterious S.H.A.D.O.W. agency. Their directive was to assassinate the members of the California Initiative super hero team known as the Order. They wasted no time before slaying Corona, but failed at their attempt at killing the speedster Calamity. The Dahlias later captured and depowered their former member Mulholland, who they now consider a traitor.

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