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Marvel Universe 

Black Pyramid


Marvel Universe

Formerly the realm of Seth


Seth, Heliopolitan God of death

Points of Interest
The Central Command Chamber held a special prison which siphoned off its captive’s abilities to further empower Seth.

The Black Pyramid contained many secret chambers and hidden passageways along with its terrible dungeon and barracks for Seth’s armies. Some of these chambers were used for torturing or imprisoning those who opposed the Death god.

First Appearance
Thor #397

Once serving as the stronghold for the Egyptian God of Death, Seth, the Black Pyramid also held the secret behind Seth’s power. A place of evil and torment, the Black Pyramid became a temporary prison to some of the most powerful beings in the universe. Asgardian gods such as the mighty Thor and Hogun were held captive and tortured by the minions of Seth. The Black Knight, and the newly created Earth Force were also treated most inhospitably during their stay inside the fortress. The prison in Central Command Center of the pyramid held the Egyptian God of luck, Bes, while siphoning off his energies, so that Seth had the powers of luck on his side to ensure his victory. Once Thor and his allies discovered this mystery, Bes was freed and Seth’s foul machinations were no longer guaranteed. Grog, the God-Crusher, tried to conquer his master’s foes, but superior power prevailed over greater numbers, and the armies of Seth were defeated. Soon Odin was found and freed from his own solitary confinement only to be sent back to Asgard to confront Seth directly. However, the fire demon, Surtur, journeyed to the land of death seeking his hated enemy but found Thor waiting for him instead. The Black Pyramid was completely destroyed when Surtur picked up, and hurled, the already damaged pyramid at a magically empowered Thor, and he smashed it with his enchanted mallet, Mjolnir.

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