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Marvel Universe 

Black Sun


Marvel Universe

The Black Sun is located in the Dark Nebula

The Big Bang

Inapplicable, although it is the source of the Dire Wraiths’ Black Magic.

The Black Sun was guarded by the vicious Deathwings

First Appearance
Rom #1 (1979)

The Black Sun is an enormous star which is located within the Dark Nebula. It serves as the conduit that fuels the Dire Wraiths and Wraithworld with their mystical and magical powers. In an attempt to spare the planet of Galador from utter destruction and rid its people of the genocidal threat known as the Dire Wraiths once and for all. The Spaceknight Rom led the "World Devourer" Galactus to the Dark Nebula to consume Wraithworld. However, Galactus failed to dispose of the wicked planet, and he turned his attention on the Black Sun, which also proved to be indigestible for the “World Devourer.” Realizing that the Black Sun was the source of the Wraiths' magic; the Galadorians created a space station known as the Keep which they equipped with a powerful cloaking device that blocked the Black Sun’s energies from the Wraiths rendering their powers inoperable. Doctor Dredd used his ability to slice through time and space to move the Black Sun into the orbit of Galador allowing the Deathwings and Hellhounds to assault the proud Galadorians.

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