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Marvel Universe 


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Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
The Nightclub

First Appearance
Caretaker was the first blood to introduced (Ghost Rider #25, 1990)

Current Members:
Caretaker, Raydar, Seer, Truthsayer, others (possible kin); Taramis (possible descendants)

The Blood have existed since a time before Atlantis, The Blood is a group of supernatural beings, who joined together to protect the Earth against supernatural threats and the demon Zarathos. The Blood appear to be capable of slowing the human aging process and are immune to conventional diseases. They have enhanced superhuman strength, as well as other mystical abilities. Some of their members have the ability to teleport and cast very powerful spells. At some point in time they allied themselves with the original Spirits of Vengeance. The Spirits of Vengeance eventually changed their name to the Midnight Sons. They battled the demon Zarathos to keep him from gaining the Medallion of Power. The Blood knew that the Medallion possessed too much power for one being to wield alone. Some of their members rejected their purpose of saving the Earth and began to worship Zarathos. They would later become known as the Fallen. The Sorceress Supreme Salomé was possibly one of the most powerful members of the Fallen.

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