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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name
Wyndell Dichinson

Known to government authorities


Place of Birth
Manhattan, New York

First Appearance
Web of Spider-Man #81

Years ago Wyndell Dichinson convinced his 16 year old younger brother Ricky to act as his accomplice in an automobile theft, which interrupted by Spider-Man, who left the would-be thieves for the authorities. While Ricky cooperated with the police, Wyndell fled the country prior to his trail and became Bloodshed, an Asian-based mercenary under the employ of narcotics traffickers, who subjected him to operations, which enhanced his strength and durability to superhuman levels. He eventually became the superhuman enforcer for Phillipe Bazin, a New York crime lord with operations in Thailand.

Bloodshed returned to the United States in his capacity as a guard of Bazin's narcotics shipment, but he dumped the cargo overboard when the U.S. Coast Guard boarded the ship. The infuriated Bazin to have Bloodshed killed if he failed to acquire one million dollars to compensate for the lost of the narcotics shipment, however, Spider-Man again defeated Bloodshed and left him for the authorities before he was able to obtain the money. Even after Bazin's alleged death, Bloodshed continued to be assaulted by henchmen that were loyal to Bazin in prison. His younger brother convinced him to join the witness relocation program and testify against Basin's empire, but Bloodshed escaped custody when his armored vehicle was attacked by Bazin's men and he dedicated himself to personally dismantling Bazin's empire.

After passage of the Superhuman Registration Act, Bloodshed decided to once again flee the country. He contacted the freelance spy known only as Vienna to obtain a new identity, passport, driver's license, and plan tickets. However, unknown to Bloodshed and the other super-villains who had been dealing with Vienna, she was participating in a sting operation organized by federally sanctioned Heroes For Hire bounty hunting team. After Heroes For Hire infiltrated Vienna's headquarters and defeated the assembled super-villains, Bloodshed managed to allude capture, but was later arrested and transported to the Negative Zone Prison Alpha after joining Hammerhead's super-villain alliance.

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