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Marvel Universe 

Book of the Vishanti


Marvel Universe

In Dr. Strange's possession

Vishanti (dictated to human students of the white magical arts)

Dr. Strange

The Book of Vishanti is a perfect antidote to the Elder God Chthon's grimorie, the Darkhold. Though the Vishanti provided the original contents for the Book of Light, several generations of mages have subsequently enhanced the Book of the Vishanti by adding their own wisdom to its pages. In addition to housing every known counterspell, the Book of the Vishanti is itself a magic deterrent to dark magic and those who practice it. Ironically, the original owner of the Book, the sorcerer Varnae, became the first Vampire and a champion of darkness. Queen Cleopatra and the God Marduk have also possessed the Book of the Vishanti. The wizard known as the Ancient One defeated Marduk's guardian Griffins, liberating the Book and eventually becoming its keeper. When he passed away the Ancient One passed the Book on to his worthy predecessor, the Earth's current Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange. The Book was briefly stolen by Urthona and then held by Agamotto in his realm before being returned to Strange.