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Marvel Universe 

Brotherhood of the Ankh


Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Daredevil #73 (1971)

Home World
Ankh Dimension

Technology Level
They created the Zodiac Key

They worshiped the "Ankh" also known as the In-Betweener as their all creator.

Physical Description
They have a regular humanoid appearance

The Brotherhood of the Ankh was created by the In-Betweener, the balance between the opposing entities Lord Chaos and Master Order. Eons ago he created a dimension to serve as a place of personal reflection and meditation, however, by some unknown means a race of beings obsessed with order and chaos developed there, worshiping the In-Betweener as "Ankh," their all creator. This place came to be known as the 13th Dimension, although it later became known as the Ankh Dimension. In the Brotherhood's attempt to maintain the balance of chaos and order they craved stone of their world and the spilled blood of the lamb to created the Zodiac Key. In the 4th generation of their "Century of the Leopard," the Brotherhood's Lawholder discovered as their world calmed their world was weakening, and the Brotherhood's life energies began fading, so they sent the Key to Earth, a world rife with conflict, believing that it would perpetuate the struggle between chaos and order, as the battle was more intense on Earth than in their own world.

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