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Marvel Universe 

Bruiser (Molly Hayes)


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Molly Hayes

Princess Powerful


U.S.A., still a minor

Place of Birth
Los Angeles, California

First Appearance
Runaways #1 (2003)


Mutant couple Gene and Alice Hayes joined five other uniquely gifted couples in supplying ritual sacrifices for the Gibborim, a race of ancient giants, in return for the power to rule Los Angeles for 25 years. Knowing only six beings would be spared the creature' destruction of humanity, the group, known as the Pride, opted to have each couple conceive a single child, who would be the survivors. Alice gave birth to a girl, Molly.

The Hayeses annually attended the sacrifices, held in the home of the Wilder family. The Pride's children attended as well, believing the event to be merely a social gathering. During one such event when Molly was 11, Alex Wilder showed off a secret passageway to the other kids. The Pride was preparing to kill a local prostitute, an act which several of the kids witnessed. Molly was absent and the others decided not to include the younger girl while trying to learn more about their parents. The Pride soon learned of the children's discovery and used Molly as a hostage to force their return. The kids came to rescue Molly, and when she saw Nico Minoru strike Alice Hayes, Molly's mutant abilities emerged. Initially confused, Molly eventually helped subdue one of the Pride members. After the children escaped, the Pride used their contacts to blame Alex for the murder and Molly's kidnapping.

The children, now known as the Runaways, hid out in an underground mansion known as the Hostel. They formed a pact and decided to use their powers not only to expose the Pride, but to stop crime as well. Molly was disappointed when her teammate Talkback dubbed her Bruiser, preferring to be called Princess Powerful. She was excited by the idea of becoming a super-hero, and even wore a costume when the group ran afoul of the vigilantes Cloak and Dagger. The Runaways learned of the Pride's next rite and followed their parents to the Gibborim's undersea lair. Despite their betrayal by Alex, the team ended the plot when Bruiser destroyed the canister containing a sacrificial soul. The Gibborim apparently killed the Pride for their failure and tried to do the same to the Runaways, but they escaped. With the Pride exposed, Molly was placed in an X-Corporation school. Her teammate Arsenic freed her and they soon rejoined the others. The Runaways set out to stop criminals such as the Wrecking Crew, and Bruiser single-handedly defeated their would-be member Excavator. The team also thwarted other menaces such as Swarm, a new Tarantula and Ultron. Though younger than the other Runaways, Bruiser continues to be instrumental in their exploits. Molly is one of the 198 mutants to keep their powers after Scarlet Witch's alteration of reality.