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Marvel Universe 

Bubonicus (Earth-691)

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Real Name
Unknown, possibly Bubonicus

the Plague Bringer

Unknown to the general populace of Earth


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Behind the scenes (Guardians of the Galaxy #34, 1993); Full (Guardians of the Galaxy #34, 1993)


The origin of the being known remains unknown, however, he revealed that life is a disease and that death is the cure, and it was his destiny was the universal eradication the living. Bubonicus was responsible for the plague that caused the extinction of alien Martian Masters of the planet Mars. He engineered an incurable plague affecting the aliens who were using Mars as their base in their invasion of Earth. The plague poisoned the inner-life fluid network and the Martian Masters' own blood became acidic-toxic and ate away at them from within. While testing proved that Earth was not the cause, the Masters' pre-eminent scientist thought that Earth might provide the cure. By ingesting or transfusing the blood from Spider-Man's preserved body into himself, the scientist entered an extended period of transformation that allowed him to survive the plague. Upon its completion, the scientist found that all of his fellow Masters had succumbed to the plague. He went on to take the name Ripjak and began seeking the cause of this plague. After extensive research of his fallen brethren Ripjak discovered the plague synthetically produced, by something or someone from beyond the planet of Mars.

He constructed a vessel capable of travel throughout the galaxy. He began a quest to find the culprit responsible for the massacre of his people. His quest led him to many that had fallen victim to extinction by disease and plagues. Upon seeing the pain and suffering that the inhabitants were subject too, Ripjak decided that it would be merciful to destroy the planets dying population than to allow them to continue to suffer. His actions of so called mercy were viewed as genocidal, which led him to be perused by the Galactic Guardians. After years of searching for the source of the plagues, he finally learned of the being known as Bubonicus the “Plague Bringer.” Bubonicus' powers were even effective against Eternity.

  • Note: Uilig introduced proactive evidence that linked the Hawk God with the multiversally despised plague bringer Bubonicus. However, the Living Tribunal ruled the rumor as inadmissible in the trial of the Hawk God for his crimes against the Universe.

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