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Marvel Universe 

Bushmaster, John


Marvel Universe

Real Name
John McQuiver

Power Master

Publicly known

Unrevealed citizenship, with criminal records in the United States, legally deceased

Place of Birth
The Caribbean

First Appearance
Iron Fist #15 (1977)

Captain America Annual #10 (?)

John Bushmaster led the European branch of Maggia criminal syndicate and then dared to extend his empire to the States. Facing the opposition of super-human heroes, he mutated his own body to became a super-human in pair to his foes - no matter the risks!


John McIver grew on a Caribbean island and began his career as a criminal and gang leader by organizing thefts with his little brother Quincy. Even as a pre-teen, he was brutal with his accomplice and even more brutal with his victims.

Years later, the McIvers began working for smuggler Herve Argosy, with John becoming Argosy's trusted man while Quincy performed menial jobs. Quincy was horribly maimed in a freak accident while Argosy offered John a job in Europe, running Argosy's business. John mockingly said goodbye to Quincy in hospital and assumed the name of John Bushmaster, after a nickname one of his girlfriends had for him.

Bushmaster became the leader of the European branch of Maggia and set his sights on the U.S. He wanted to start infiltration through New York City (although other Maggia families already shared the city). FBI, CIA, Interpol and NY's DA tried to infiltrate on Bushmaster's organization, with the later placing undercover agent Misty Knight as Bushmaster's confidant Maya Corday.

Bushmaster arranged the murder of Iron Fist, who was Knight's lover. Knight then blew her cover, humiliated Bushmaster in front of his men, and escaped. Enraged, Bushmaster contacted super-human fugitive Power Man (Luke Cage) to track Knight. Bushmaster offered proofs of Power Man's innocence in exchange for his services, and he also kidnapped Power Man's friends Claire Temple and Dr. Noah Burstein - the man who gave Power Man his powers. Bushmaster's minions Shades and Comanche tailed Cage.


Thinking that he would have not a chance in a fistfight with Power Man, Bushmaster then threatened Dr. Burstein for his Power Man treatment. Bushmaster was subject to the treatment at Seagate Prison and became even more powerful than Power Man. As he had expected, Power Man did not kill Knight, but instead allied with her and her friends Iron Fist and Colleen Wing against Bushmaster. During the battle, an explosion apparently killed Bushmaster. Cage found the proofs of his innocence.

Bushmaster survived, but a secondary effect of his treatment was mutating him even more. He was becoming unliving metal. Bushmaster ordered to kidnap Burstein again and blackmail him find a cure, even if they had to kidnap Power Man as a Guinea pig. Iron Fist's unexpected arrival slowed the process, and Bushmaster became a motionless statue.

Bushmaster's son Cruz exhumed John Bushmaster's corpse and took it to his Rocky Mountains base, to use him in a process to power himself. He also took Luke Cage there. Cruz Bushmaster became a superhuman, but he also awoke his newly-mutated, more powerful father. John Bushmaster, now becoming the enormous Power Master, killed Cruz and tried to drain Cage's life and power. Iron Fist, however, irrumped in the fight and used a power cable to overload Power Master, killing him.

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