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Marvel Universe 

Cancerverse (Reality-10011)


Cancerverse (Reality-10011)

Reality-10011/"Cancerverse” was a corrupted universe at the far-end of the Fault.

The creation event also known as the "Big Bang."

The Many-Angled Ones

Points of Interest
The moon of Saturn known as Titan, is the heart of the “Machine Resistance

The Cancerverse was a reality where Death did not exist.

First Appearance
Realm of Kings #1 (2010)

When the Terrigen-Bomb exploded to end the war between the Kree and the Shi’ar, it also created the Fault, a massive rip in the fabric of reality itself. Adam Warlock, succeed in halting the rapid spread of this deadly region, creating a horrendous scenario, which recreated the evil version of him, also known as the Magus. Quasar (Wendell Vaughn), Earth) went on a fact-finding mission into the Fault, which was organized by Project PEGASUS in conjunction with Star-Lord’s Guardians of the Galaxy. During his exploration of this strange realm, Quasar discovered a strange universe at the end of the Fault, where Death had been defeated. He also encountered and was captured by a group of super-powered individuals calling themselves the Revengers, twisted versions of the Avengers of Earth. Quasar quickly discovered that these Revengers were corrupted by a greater power, which they referred to as the Many-Angled Ones, Gods that now set their sights on claiming what was on the other side of the Fault. Quasar was rescued by the Vision, who was impersonating the Scarlet Witch. Quasar quickly fled this sadistic universe seeking to inform the heroes of Earth of the impending threat coming from within the Fault.

The Shi’ar sent their top tier of Imperial Guardsmen Into the Fault, on a fact finding mission of their own, they were surprise to make allies in this dangerous realm out of their former enemies, the Starjammers. However, once inside, their ship was rendered immobile by an attack from the Fault’s alien microbial forms and the teams were left stranded to die an unthinkable death. But for the unexpected arrival of Quasar, carrying the warning of the impending doom, following him in the form of the Cancerverse’s deranged inhabitants. Oracle and Quasar worked tirelessly to send a message to the Shi'ar through the M’Kraan Crystal, while the others began to fortify their position; Smasher, however, had his sights on a separate, secret goal. Realizing his deceit Mentor intercepted Smasher, who revealed himself to be theRaptor known as Talon, and admitted his true intentions: to create more Raptors via ancient amulets he recovered in the Fault. However, outside of the ship Imperial Guardsman Starbolt lost his life, in a heated battle with Nightcrawler of the Ex-Men. The tides of the battle were soon swayed by the arrival of Gladiator (Majestor of the Shi’ar), into this horrible fray.

The misfit Guardians of the Galaxy, later journeyed to the Cancerverse, with a resurrected Thanos, in tow to confront the undying Lord Mar-Vell, believing that only the true avatar of Death would be able to destroy a universe devoid of death. Upon his arrival into the Cancerverse, Thanos collapsed, appearing to be overwhelmed by a place where Death does not exist. The Vision appeared and led Star-Lord and his band to the home of the Machine Resistance, Titan of the Cancerverse. After Thanos regains his equilibrium, he proves himself to be the only one capable of killing the denizens of the Cancerverse. However, an unexpected occurrence took place as Drax the Destroyer could not resist his original programming to destroy Thanos. Drax attacked Thanos and disintegrated him with an anti-matter bomb. Mantis revealed that when Drax was created he was an avatar of life; therefore he was unable to fight the undeniable will of the Cancerverse’s Many-Angled Ones. Soon, Thanos’ body reformed and he proclaimed that Death had rejected him and he would never be allowed to sit by her side. In an instant act of outrage Thanos then took the life of the Destroyer, Causing Lord Mar-Vell to become aware of Thanos’ presence, in the Cancerverse Mar-Vell’s Revengers, descended upon the Guardians, determined to capture Thanos no matter the cost.

Battling the Revengers with the help of the Scarlet Witch, the Guardians and Thanos escaped to the site of Necropsy. Before Thanos could reverse the effects of the Necropsy and bring Death back to the Cancerverse, Lord Mar-Vell and the Revengers once again followed and attacked the Guardians. Mar-Vell and Thanos faced each other head-on…until Thanos stopped the fight by declaring loyalty to Lord Mar-Vell in exchange for his own death. The arrogant Lord Mar-Vell, commenced to kill Thanos, only to learn that by doing so, he released Death, who swiftly took his life, causing the collapse of the entire Canceverse and sealing the Fault closed.

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