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Marvel Universe 

Cape of Destiny


Marvel Universe

Part of Air-Walker’s costume



Air-Walker came to Earth with a specific mission. He wanted to challenge the Silver Surfer with the intention of annihilating him. Soon realizing that they were too evenly matched, Gabriel used his Cape of Destiny in an attempt to smother the Surfer. Despite his boasts of the Silver Surfer’s inevitable defeat, Gabriel was stunned as his foe broke free of his cape’s supposed unbreakable grip. Not only did the Silver Surfer escape, but he destroyed the cape as well. Air-Walker declared that the cape must not be damaged for it is the source of his power and his life. However, with the cape’s destruction, Air-Walker lost his power of fight and plummeted to the ground.

Later, when Air-Walker returned to the land of the living, he eventually crossed paths with the mighty Thor. During the encounter, Gabriel used his cosmic cloak to overwhelm Thor, and the Thunder god was not able to break free of the cape’s hold and was rendered unconscious with his own mallet, Mjolnir.

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