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Marvel Universe 

Captain America (Earth-311)


Earth-460 formerly Earth-311

Real Name
Steve Rogers




Place of Birth
New York, New York

First Appearance
1602 # 1 (2003)

In an alternate future timeline where heroes were being captured and killed and democracy was no longer allowed, Captain America fought the President-For-Life as a way to restore the country he had sworn to protect. However, he was betrayed and captured by the people he had opposed. They shot Captain America in the head and sent him back in time where he arrived in America in the 16th century. For a time, Captain America wandered the land for some time, uncertain of who or where he was, until he met a Native American tribe who welcomed him and allowed him to stay with them, taking the name Rojhaz. Eventually, the tribe came across some starving English colonists in Roanoke and fed them. Rojhaz also met Virginia Dare, who was a baby at the time, and, knowing who she was and what she represented to him, decided to become her personal guardian. Eventually, the Indian tribe moved on but Rojhaz remained behind, where he helped the colonists to build houses, plant crops and hunt animals.. However, Captain America’s presence in this timeline had affected the course of the future making the Age of Heroes happen 400 years earlier than it was originally supposed to. It had also made the weather become more violent.

When Virginia was 8 years old, she wandered off with her friends to the marshes where she discovered a strange white light glittering in the air. When she touched it she turned into a white fawn and ran off. Rojhaz hunted the fawn and waited until nightfall when Virginia turned back to herself once again. Rojhaz and Virginia decided to keep this a secret from the rest of the colonists so as not to startle them. Unfortunately Virginia had changed into animals twice more since then but each time Rojhaz found her and brought her back to safety. Eventually Virginia was sent to England by her father to ask for aid from the Queen for the colonists. Rojhaz accompanied her to ensure her safety. When they arrived in England, Peter Parquagh was sent to escort Virginia to the Queen, but Rojhaz refused to let go alone. Arriving at he Queen’s court, Rojhaz was asked to leave his weapons behind while in the presence of the Queen. However, an assassin of Otto von Doom’s kidnapped Virginia and flew off with her. Rojhaz picked up a tray and threw it into the sky, knocking her abductor from the sky. However, unnoticed by the others, Virginia had changed into a gryphon. Climbing to the roof, Rojhaz met Dr. Strange who gave him a net to capture Virginia with. Together, they managed to successfully capture her and return her to normal. While attending to Virginia, Rojhaz told Strange about her transformations and the illnesses she usually felt afterwards. In return, Strange told Rojhaz that the source of the strange weather affecting the world was in this room. Rojhaz barely left Virginia’s side until the moment she woke up.

Following the death of the Queen, King James of Scotland took the throne of England and told Virginia that there would be no help from England for the colonists in Roanoke. He also told Virginia that she and Rojhaz should not return home until he said otherwise. After witnessing the execution of Dr. Strange, Rojhaz was approached by Mistress Clea, Strange’s wife, and led him and Virginia on board the Virginia Maid. While they made their way to America, Clea told them that Strange told her about the Forerunner, the person from the future that was causing all of this strange weather in the world. She revealed that Rojhaz was this Forerunner at which point Rojhaz explained the events that led him to this timeline. Arriving in Roanoke, Clea explained the situation to Fury, Javier and the others and Virginia showed everybody the mysterious light that gave her the ability to change into animals. As everybody began to build the time portal, Rojhaz ran off, not wishing to return to his atrocious time. However, Fury caught up to him and knocked him unconscious and carried him back through the anomaly , sending Rojhaz back to his own time.

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