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Marvel Universe 

Captain Rectitude


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Bob Jones IV


Known to authorities

U.S.A. with a criminal record

Place of Birth
Dark Nook Hollow, South Carolina

First Appearance
Sensational She-Hulk #21 (1990)

Sensational She-Hulk #23 (1990)

Little is known about his past before he was altered by the American Purity Foundation into Captain Rectitude. His biological drives were sublimated into an anti-smut instinct making him speak and act quite odd, which better served his boss, Jasper Keaton’s motives. His first public appearance was when the American Purity Foundation held a convention in Las Vegas. However the convention was interrupted when She-Hulk and Abominatrix crashed through the ceiling. Keaton had earlier sent Abominatrix to kidnap Louise Mason and She-Hulk came to her rescue. Captain Rectitude was ready to get in the fight, but Keaton told him to wait so they could see which one would win. After She-Hulk won and Louise Mason’s daughter Wanda arrived Keaton admitted that both Captain Rectitude and Abominatrix worked for him. He also informed them why he kidnapped Louise, which was to get information of the atomic bomb named Rosebud that was stolen in the 40's. She-Hulk demanded to know where he imprisoned Louise, but didn’t get a answer and left.

Captain Rectitude soon met She-Hulk once again when Keaton decided to betray his pals in Senate Banking Committee ordering Captain Rectitude to capture them. She-Hulk with Wanda Mason who now was the new Blonde Phantom arrived just when Captain Rectitude was tying them up. Blonde Phantom accidentally told them where and how the atomic bomb could be activated. Meanwhile She-Hulk had her hands full with Captain Rectitude. She-Hulk was beginning to win when Abominatrix joined in the fight and managed to knock She-Hulk out, hitting her with a big safe. Captain Rectitude and the others then left back to Las Vegas to activate the bomb. She-Hulk revived and went after them and when she arrived a fight ensued once again against the two villains. She-Hulk finally beat the twosome and hurled the now activated atomic bomb to an empty desert where it detonated.

After the recent events he was seen being arrested by the NYPD and most likely will be trasported to the Negative Zone prison for unregistered heroes.

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