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Marvel Universe 

Cat People


the Land Within

First Appearance
Giant-Sized Creatures #1

Physical Description
humanoid cats

The original cat people, Flavius and Helene originated as normal cat, enchanted by a human sorcerer named Ebrok into humanoid form over a thousand years ago. In time, they were exiled to the limbolike realm called the Land Within by the Sorcerer's Guild, which caused the cat people and their descendents to become demons.

The Sorcerer's Guild also decreed that a member of the Cat People, given the title Balkatar, must always answer if summoned. The current Balkatar is Grigar.

The legendary heorine of the cat people is known as Tigra, a human woman who was transformed into a catlike warrior by the Cat People's sorcery. Today, Greer Nelson has been similarly been transformed into the heroine Tigra by a combination of the Cat People's magic and human science, and she serves as their emissary to the outside world and as a member of the Avengers.

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