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      poker new mutant

poker was bon in Mexico.He never new his parents and grew up on the streets.He loved the x-men and when he learned they lost their powers he showed them his.He was able to teleport things by pointing one hand at it and the other hand put it werever he wanted it to go he also could shoot energy blast from his hands.He was to young to be an x-men so he was put on the Helionssquad.He fell in love with Windancer.When he told her she siad she loved him to,they had hide their love until they becamr x-men.

    When they were x-men Windancer and Poker did everything togther.Until one day a vilian called camo and his evil mutants took Windancer  as a prisoner.Poker blamed his self and never stoped training.Until surge siad she had a plan to get

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