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Marvel Universe 

Category:Spider-Man Villains

Spider-Man has amassed dozens of enemies through the years, many persistent as they are powerful. Starting with a mere common burglar, Spider-Man's first enemy murdered his gentle Uncle Ben and awoke in Spider-Man an awareness of his responsibilities as a hero. Just fifteen years old, Spider-Man went on to face - and defeat - a procession of some of the world's most dangerous criminals including the winged Vulture, master illusionist Mysterio, the monstrous Lizard, brutal Kraven the Hunter, the lethal Electro and the elusive Sandman. At the forefront were his two arch-enemies who built their lives and immoral ambitions around seeing Spider-Man suffer: the megalomaniac Doctor Octopus and the insane master of manipulation, the Green Goblin.

While Spider-Man tackled these nemeses time and again, new threats arrived over the years including criminal overlord the Kingpin of Crime, vampiric Morbius, the son of the Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin - but few compare to the ongoing threat of the deadly alien symbiote which became known as Venom and spawned a psychotic "son", Carnage. Whether alone or teamed-up as the Sinister Six, Sinister Seven, or the Sinister Twelve, Spider-Man has emerged victorious time and again, often defeating these vile ever-doers with goading light-hearted banter to drive his foes mad!