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Where is Wonderman? He isn't listed as an Avenger, and he certainly has the heart of one, let alone the fact that he has been an Avenger since Odin knows when! Simon Williams certainly started off his hero career in a less than auspicious way, but redeemed himself in issue #9 of the original Avengers run way back in the early sixties. After death, his brain pattern was used to create the Vision, and when he was returned to us in issue #151, I was elated. His nobility is not to be questioned (although his Hollywood career certainly should be!), and his strength is second only to Thor. He had been designed to take the God of Thunder down. Unfortunately, Wonderman was B-listed by far too many writers who used him for comic relief, and played down his intelligence (he ran a company that competed with Stark Enterprises), and played up the likeable to dumb angle. Wonderman should be returned to his origins of an intelligent and powerful hero. Anything less is unsatisfactory to me, and I'm sure, the other fans of the one and only Simon Williams, AKA Wonderman. -- Rudymac63

Uhmm dude? Wonder Man is listed. His entry isn't spelled Wonderman though which is probably why you missed him. Wonder Man -- IRISH4869 17:01, 22 March 2006 (EST)

Rudymac63 is right Wonder Man is not listed. He deserves to be listed, simon is A+ Avengers material.

I think Rudy is saying that Wonder Man isn't listed in this *category." This is true because his profile has yet to be approved. Once there is a link to the category is created in his profile, he will appear on the Category: Avengers page. --Danny Waah! 11:07, 26 May 2006 (EDT)

Dpeaking of a man not being in the list...there was no Wolverine. I would have edited it but sadly I could not figure out how. maybe my Hero Points are to low. Any way Wolverine is not on the chart!

Wolverine's on the second page of the Avengers category. Click the "next 200" link near the top of the list. --ComiX-Fan 10:38, 27 July 2006 (EDT)

gambit killed lies

gambit was killed in ultimate x men before he got married to rogue he was never killed it said that in a comic but there was a comic after that and it was channeling who got killed.Image:Example.jpg