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How are the X-Men part of the Civil War? They have not been involved in it (so far) as far as I know. It's probably because I missed a comic, but I just wanted to make sure. sononsj 22:23, 6 May 2006 (EDT)

I'm not sure how but the X-men are involved, go to [1] and click on X-men to see for yourself.--x10ofspades 15:42, 8 May 2006 (EDT)

The X-Men are involved because they are superhuman vigilantes. Although they won't need training they will be sanctioned by the government. If you check Wolverine 42, you'll find Logan in a vengeful mood (target being Nitro). Emma and Scott try very hard to dissuade Logan from going after Nitro because that might drag the X-Men into the spotlight. -S-Man-

The X-Men are involved easy. Colossus joined up with Iron Man and Wolverine was bout to fight the Thing again. And besides that, they've been against mutant registration for the longest so why not super-human registration? The only difference is that with the super-human registration, they're actually gonna get trained and paid for what they do. Not to mention, there's an X-MEN Civil War mini series.

Yeah, I saw the series. User:sononsj


See my user page to choose a side. --Viper 23:52, 8 May 2006 (EDT)

Civil War = Sad Movie

I think that the civil war is going to be like a sad movie, you know you should stop watching, you know that it is know going to end badly but you just can't stop watching. And I will be willing for to bet this will end in tragedy.

Young Avengers

Shouldnt the Young Avengers be Catoagorized under the Civil War Xtreme112

Never mind i see them and another thing will everyone associated with the civil war be catagorized and uner grup afflication like cyclops and the x-men will there be people with the registration act and against added as a group??Xtreme112

We have to wait till after Civil War # 3 till the "teams" have been decided , But yes there will be a group or team thing set up. david andrews 20:23, 25 June 2006 (EDT)

Continuity, continuity, continuity! The good and bad on Civil War so far...

"Wretches..." ??

My first thought was: "What's up with Thor?" He's only had that level of comtempt for his half-brother Loki.

So, yeah, I was shocked when a bolt of lightning lanced through Goliath.

What I found most impressive about the issue was Sue's letter to Reed. As impressed as I was, though, I was even more perplexed at Reed's reaction afterward-- there wasn't one. In the past, Reed would have been extremely torn up over Sue's leaving, to the point of distraction, or even endangering whatever the FF's mission was at the time. Clearly, there's something I've missed in the Fantastic Four over the years-- could someone explain this to me?

I'm still having an issue with the continuity of the series. CW4 shows the Thing in battle with Iron Man's Avengers team, but in FF #539 (six weeks ago!) Ben chooses to become an ex-patriate after the death of a Yancy Streeter. This doesn't make sense. In this issue, Johnny was almost recovered from the club beating, so the events of CW4 clearly come after those in FF #539, but not only is Ben still with the IM Avengers, but still appears to be on the team after Bill Foster's death, even after it was disclosed that Reed was one of those responsible for Thor's clone. Ben has always been Reed's reality check throughout the FF's history. This history is being ignored-- Ben's inaction in CW is totally out of character for this reason; his decision to leave the country (which, to me, seems very much in character for Ben), is not just unacknowledged in Civil War, it's ignored. It's one thing to stretch the plausibility of tracking Venom and/or his host with nanobots (I would think the symbiot would be able to purge it's host of the 'bots-- did Reed even think of this?), but ignoring such an enormous decision as leaving the country, particularly in light of what had caused that decision, again, is sloppy storytelling. I really need an explanation, here.

...which brings me back to Spider-Man.

I made a comment on the main board over Spidey's seeming non-disclosure of his Spider-Sense to Stark, when not only had he told Stark about it six months before in the "Other" 12-part story arc, but it was also supposedly enhanced, due to his Peter's rebirth. But in CW4, Daredevil gets the jump on Spidey in the fight scene. Now, one could argue that Petey's spidey-sense isn't activated by people whom it recognizes as friends (such as Professor Warren, aka the Jackal), but once reborn, Peter's enhanced spider-sense would apparently trump this weakness. In my bid for a no-prize, it's possible that the Iron Spidey armor is adapting to Peter's physiology and shutting down or enhancing Peter's abilities according to what Tony does or doesn't need at the time. It might even be collecting and cataloging Peter's DNA markers in order to track him if he should defect to Cap's side. We'll see.

Now for the good stuff:

Ms. Sharpe strikes me to be one manipulative little so-and-so. I wonder if her motivation is genuine-- most of the kids in Stamford were incinerated beyond recognition-- how do we not know if Ms Sharpe's son is alive, or if she even has one? Sounds suspicious, huh?

Maybe I got it from Reed.

His suspicions toward Peter at Goliath's funeral were entirely unexpected... which made for a nice wrinkle in this story as well as Jan's musings about Tony. I hope these are fleshed out in the next three parts and not brushed away or ignored as those issues I noted above.

More delays, More dissapointment

Once again, Marvel has pushed back the last installment of Civil War, and I can't express how dissapointing this is. Not only does this delay everything else Civil War related, but it really slows down the momentum of what might be Marvel's greatest achievement to date. You would think these issues are done months in advance, I would have hopped to see better planning on Marvel's part. Are you honestly telling us you did not forsee the outcome of Civil War? Did you not realize it was not even conceivable to think you could finish off part 7 in just 22 pages? Let's get real here. You should have known it had the capability to be a 44 page ending, and to calm us down-you offer your extra pages. Sure, it's great that it will now have extra content, but it's really dissapointing to look forward to something time and time again, only for issues to be constantly pushed back. When you take on a story of this magnitude, you have to know what you are getting into. I understand it's a huge undertaking for Steve McNiven, but come on! In the future, you need to plan ahead more. You need to realize what a great tool "momentum" can be, but how much evil it creates when you fail to deliver.--the darkone 15:44, 11 January 2007 (CST)the darkone