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Ben Reilly - aka Scarlet Spider - Spider-Man

Ben Reilly was the clone of Peter Parker created by he Jackal, Miles Warren. When he appeared he fought Peter, each believing that they were the original Spider-Man. Following the battle he was thought dead after an explosion...Spider-Man took the clone's body and threw it in a smokestack at a Brooklyn Incinerating Plant. Apparently he was not dead but believed himself to be a clone, he left New York and traveled the country for five years. Upon learning of Aunt May's health condition, he returned to New York.

Ben put together a new costume to help Peter with the Spider-Man duties, and was dubbed the "Scarlet Spider" by the Daily Bugle writter Ken Ellis. Ben remained the Scarlet Spider until after Peter and Mary Jane left New York because Peter had come to believe he was the clone and should protect his family, Mary Jane was pregnant, by leaving the Spider-Man mantle behind. Because the Scarlet Spider was being such a nuisance to the new Doctor Octopus II, she created a fake Scarlet Spider to ruin his reputation. So, Ben assumed the one identity she could never tarnish--Spider-Man! Ben was Spider-Man for awhile, until Norman Osborne, the original Green Goblin, returned from the grave and tried to kill Peter. To save him, Ben jumped in front of a goblin glider which impaled and killed him.

Real Name: Ben Reilly (Peter Parker?) Aliases: Scarlet Spider Spider-Man Occupation: Worked at the Daily Grind, a coffee shop, Waiter at Club Noir Place of Birth: New York, New York Marital Status: Single Relatives: Peter Parker? May Parker? Known Allies: Spider-Man (Peter), Daredevil, Jimmy Six, member of the New Warriors Powers: The Proportional Strength of a Spider. He could lift, about 10 tons. Powers: Spider-Strength, Spider-Agility, Spider-Sense, and the ability to stick to walls. Equipment: Web-Shooters, Spider-Tracers, Stingers, Impact webbing Debut: Amazing Spider-Man 149, Spider-Man 51 - first time under the name Ben Reilly Death: Spider-Man 75