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Marvel Universe 

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Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Hulk #180 (partialy), Hulk #181 (Fully)

Home World

Technology Level
Just that of the modern world.


Physical Description
Teeth that resemble that of a dog.

Lupine are a select group of mutants said to have evolved from wolves while the rest of man kind evolved from apes. Man is reffered to as Homo-sapians while lupines are reffered to as homo-lupus. Little is known about the lupine other than what individuals have done. Ther appeares to be two forms of lupine. One is like Wolverine that resemble wolves and doglike animals and each have foot long retractable bone claws in their arms that they can push out and retract at will. The other is like Sabertooth that resemble large cats and have retractable claws in their fingers.

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