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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Marvel Super Heroes #18

Home World
Centauri-IV, 4th from the Sun

Technology Level
Primitive. Centaurians use bows and arrows as their primary weapon of defense.


Physical Description
The Centaurians are blue skinned humanoids with, two eyes, two arms with hands that five fingers with and opposable thumb, two legs that are connected to feet that have five toes, and no hair. It is said that the average height of their species is 7 ft. including dorsal fin.

The Centaurians originate in the Milky Way Galaxy, in a region known as the Beta Centauri star system. The Centauri system also have other inhabitant worlds: Arima, Alpha Centuri A (Alpha Centaurians); Centuri-Six, Proxima Centauri (Centrii). The Centaurians are broken of into two sects depending on their beliefs. The first sect is the Habaktu, they are followers of the Circle of Life, which is their people's holy path and is guided by sharing a oneness with the deity Anthos. The second sect is known as the Akuun, those without faith.

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