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Marvel Universe 

Chamber (Age of Apocalypse)


Age of Apocalypse

Real Name
Jonothon Starsmore




Place of Birth
London, United Kingdom

First Appearance
Generation Next #1 (1995)

Following Apocalypse's takeover of America, Chamber joined Generation Next, a small group of young students trained to be the next generation of X-Men. Chamber became the leader of this group of mutants and entered into a relationship with fellow teammate Husk. Unlike his teachers, Colossus and Shadowcat, Chamber put the welfare of his friends before himself, often been accused of being sentimental by his teachers. Nevertheless, Chamber chose to risk his life by agreeing to rescue Colossus's sister, Illyana, from the Seattle Core. Teaming up with Skin, the two of them managed to knock two guards unconscious, steal their costumes and sneak inside the core. With their teachers and teammates finding their own way inside the Core, Chamber and Skin found themselves quite alone for a while. However, they eventually met up with Husk and Vicente, both disguised as the Core’s foreman Quietus. Unfortunately so too did the Sugar Man and his underlings. Playing their role as Quietus well, Husk and Vicente shot Chamber dead. However Sugar Man suspected something wasn’t right and tried to kill Quietus. At that moment Chamber appeared once more and revealed he used his psionic powers to make everybody believe he was shot. Generation Next defeated Sugar Man's underlings with Chamber taking out Sugar Man himself. Colossus appeared and told Chamber and his teammates to locate his sister, who was safely with Mondo. Unfortunately as they arrived, Sugar Man appeared once more and killed Mondo, taking Illyana as hostage. Colossus did not take kindly to this and rescued Illyana, almost killing Sugar Man in the process. At that moment a riot ensued in the Core resulting in Chamber and Skin being the first to be killed by the mutant guards.

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