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Marvel Universe 

Chaos Mites


Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Marvel Comics Presents #172 (1995)

Home World

Technology Level
They have been shown to have some knowledge of modern computer technology. Their level expertise with this technology is unknown.


Physical Description
They have the normal humanoid appearance, with the exception of wings protruding from their backs. Their appearance is very similar to that of the Pixes from Irish Folk Tales.

The Chaos Mites were present when the Living Universe was young. According to the Proemial God known as Aegis they were purged from the Living Universe because they were deemed unstable. These small winged females are very powerful. The Chaos Mite known as Skreet has battled two of the Heralds of Galactus, Silver Surfer and Fallen One. She was very impressive in both battles. Galactus revealed that his ancient enemy Diableri created a race of winged female warriors known as the Chaos Sprites. They were his eyes and ears throughout the living universe. These Chaos Sprites have the exact appearance of the Chaos Mites, but so does the Fairies of Other World. There is no record of the Fairies, Chaos Mites or Chaos Sprites being one in the same. We will have to wait and see if the three are really one.

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