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Marvel Universe 

Chess Set


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Unknown abandoned airstip

First Appearance
Alpha Flight #121 (1993)

When the Sphinx imploded within the Target Technologies Complex, he released a highly potent mixture of energies that were absorbed within the lifeless bodies of Auric and Silver, whom were previously killed by Hero Killers. When a scientist by the name Hedison found the bodies of Auric and Silver during a cleanup operation at the Target Technologies Complex, Auric and Silver came to life for a moment and had given him the same powers. The Chess Set caught wind of this and stole the bodies of Auric and Silver and later kidnapped Hedison. The Chess Set then took all three to an abandoned airstrip where their leader, Brass Bishop, contacted numerous super-villains to hold an auction for the three bodies. Beetle, Doctor Octopus, Constrictor, Fixer, Klaw, Plant-Man, Taskmaster, Trapster were just some of the villains assembled at the auction. Alpha Flight along with Spider-Man and Wolverine interrupted and put a halt to the auction.

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