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Marvel Universe 

Cobalt Men


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations

First Appearance
Avengers Academy #10 (2011)

Current Members:
Several unidentified members

Although the Cobalt Man (Ralph Roberts) was killed in the tragedy at Stamford, several Norman Osborn supporters seeking to turn people against the heroes of the world got their hands on some cheap copies of Roberts' original armor, forming a group called the Cobalt Men. A statement from the group's ringleader told police they were watching the Stamford Memorial, hoping to make an example of any hero who showed their face at the site. Speedball (Robert Baldwin) took the students from Avengers Academy on a field trip to Connecticut to illustrate a worst-case scenario if they did not train regularly to expect the unexpected when the Cobalt Men ambushed them. The students fought back, but Speedball refused to have the memories of the deceased desecrated and unleashed an immense energy blast, defeating the entire gang at once. The commotion brought the police, and the Cobalt Men were arrested. No group member was actually from Stamford.

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