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Marvel Universe 

Counter-Earth (Franklin Richards)

Counter-Earth (Franklin Richards)


Marvel Universe

Located in Earth-616 dimension on the opposite side of the sun

Franklin Richards


Points of Interest
Attilan (floating city), New York City (submerged), Paris (destroyed), San Francisco (elevation 5300 feet), Tokyo (destroyed)

First Appearance
Fantastic Four #1 (1996)

When many of Earth-616’s heroes sacrificed their lives to defeat Onslaught, Franklin Richards unconsciously warped reality to create a pocket universe which he carried with him in the form of a blue ball; within this pocket universe, those heroes who had sacrificed themselves were reborn on an Earth similar to their own. Alerted by the vast power used, the Celestial Ashema made Franklin aware of what he’d done and forced him to choose the one world which would survive. Ashema briefly bonded with Franklin; this connection to humanity convinced her to allow Franklin’s pocket universe to continue, though she demanded the return of both worlds’ residents to their original homes.

As the heroes returned to their world, a rogue Celestial named the Apostate (or the Dreaming Celestial) intervened, altering the pocket universe’s Earth to create chaos. Portions of the East Coast of North America dropped by 200 feet, while parts of the West Coast rose by a mile. Most governments collapsed, and despite Namor’s absence the underwater Atlanteans (now called Atlans) became a major power under Dorma’s leadership. Doctor Doom returned to this pocket Earth a year later, where he was rescued by Samantha Dunbar whom he soon empowered as Lancer. Doom conquered most of the pocket Earth’s surface, instilling order where chaos had previously existed. With the aid of Ashema, who was significantly empowered by the Dreaming Celestial, Doom moved the pocket Earth to Earth-616’s solar system, opposite the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, where an earlier Counter-Earth used to be.

Doom left Counter-Earth for Earth, where he defeated the Dreaming Celestial with the aid of the Fantastic Four. In Doom’s absence, Lancer took control of his forces, but lacking Doom’s iron will, multiple rebellions ensued, both military and super-human, such as when the Young Allies traveled to Earth and failed in their attempt to blackmail Doom into reforms. The arrival of cosmic entities Master Order and Lord Chaos destroyed both Paris and Tokyo, helping create the Anomaly, a powerful being who would threaten the existence of both Earth and Counter-Earth. Doom eventually returned twice, and on his second return he discovered an alien computer intelligence which had counterparts on both Earth and Counter-Earth.

Doom believed this alien ship was controlling the world’s reality and envisioned it as Franklin Richards. After a battle in his own mind, Doom was banished to the Negative Zone and has not since returned to Counter-Earth. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s General Octavius captured Lancer and defeated Doom’s remaining North American forces. Earth’s Thunderbolts were stranded on Counter-Earth not long after, and aborted the Counter-Earth’s Thunderbolts’ attempts to control the world’s economy. Claiming the abandoned Inhuman city of Attila, they recreated it as a floating city, opened it as a refuge for those in need, and began aiding the restoration of civilization. The Thunderbolts, with the Young Allies, manipulated the Anomaly into removing the alien ships from both worlds and bottled the Anomaly within itself. Most of the Thunderbolts returned to their Earth in the process although Jolt remained on Counter-Earth with the Young Allies. Still a world in turmoil, Counter-Earth continues to recover from the chaos wreaked upon it by the Dreaming Celestial.

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