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Marvel Universe 

Counter-Earth (High Evolutionary)

Counter-Earth (High Evolutionary)


Marvel Universe

museum of oddities, Formerly: opposite side of Earth’s solar orbit

High Evolutionary

Beyonders, Formerly: High Evolutionary

Points of Interest
Geographically similar to Earth-616

First Appearance
Marvel Premiere #1 (1971)

The High Evolutionary, having failed in earlier attempts to evolve his animal New Men beyond their violent natures, experimented on a grander scale by creating a “Counter-Earth” opposite the Earth’s solar orbit. Setting its creation in motion via one or more Infinity Gems while in his temporarily evolved state, he returned to humanity and finished his new world using unstable extra-dimensional mass. As the world evolved, the exhausted High Evolutionary slept. Man-Beast (a rogue New Man) used this chance and introduced murder and other sins into this new world. When High Evolutionary awoke and saw what Man-Beast did to the planet. He decided to destroy it, but his adoptive “son” Adam Warlock intervened, asking for the chance to redeem the planet. High Evolutionary acquiesced, observing from his base within Counter-Earth’s moon.

Warlock befriended several youths and explored Counter-Earth with them while opposing the Man-Beast and his minions, including Triax, Rhodan and other evolved New Men. Warlock exposed the rabble-rousing Prophet as the Man-Beast and destroyed him, but Man-Beast’s spirit fled to the body of Rex Carpenter (a third-party presidential candidate). Who eventually became Counter-Earth’s U.S. president. After aiding the heroic Victor von Doom against the Brute, Warlock discovered the truth about Carpenter, but was captured and imprisoned by the Man-Beast. Though High Evolutionary hid Counter-Earth and Earth from each other’s detection. Earth’s Hulk briefly visited Counter-Earth, befriending some “good” New Men and returned again when Earth’s Inhumans detected Counter-Earth using alien sciences and sent the Hulk there to be rid of him. Using the Hulk’s arrival and capture as a distraction, Adam Warlock was rescued by his companions. The Man-Beast’s agents outfitted the Hulk with a transmitting device and arranged his escape. The “good” New Men subsequently recovered the Hulk and convinced him to join them and Warlock. The Man-Beast then recaptured Warlock by tracking his unwitting “Judas”. Adam Warlock was publicly executed by the government, but rose from his retentive cocoon days later and exposed the Man-Beast, devolving him into his wolf form. Exhorting the populace of Counter-Earth to recognize and confront their baser natures, Warlock ascended into space and left his adoptive world behind.

High Evolutionary continued to watch his world and when Galactus threatened it High Evolutionary sent his New Man Gorr to recruit Earth’s Fantastic Four. They saved the planet with aid of the Impossible Man, though the Brute followed the Fantastic Four back to Earth. Counter-Earth also intrigued the extradimensional Beyonders. They hired alien Sphinxor to revive it. Realizing that High Evolutionary could stop him, Sphinxor caused Warlock to believe that High Evolutionary had destroyed Counter-Earth. In grief, Warlock killed High Evolutionary, who again evolved into a disembodied higher being. After Warlock departed (and was slain by Thanos), Sphinxor’s crew removed Counter-Earth, Earth’s Her restored the High Evolutionary and tracked down Counter-Earth, but High Evolutionary decided to let Sphinxor take Counter-Earth, hoping that the Beyonders could correct the instability caused by its extra-dimensional mass.

However, the Beyonders were far beyond even High Evolutionary and the planet was placed in their “museum of oddities”, where Counter-Earth’s time-stopped and population was exposed to powerful energies that altered their forms. The Man-Beast briefly accessed Counter-Earth and claimed one dozen souls as his “Twelve”, who were destroyed seeking vengeance on High Evolutionary. Counter-Earth itself was apparently destroyed when Thanos (wielding the Infinity Gauntlet) reordered reality to suit himself. The surviving Necromancer later attempted to usurp the role of Earth’s Doctor Strange.