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Marvel Universe 

Cycle Nurses


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Formerly New Beulah Hospital

First Appearance
Ghost Rider #20 (2008)

Current Members:

Lucas Collier was a young boy whose heart stopped for less than a minute, but his time spent in Heaven seemed like an eternity. In Heaven, Lucas was enslaved by a rogue angel named Zadkiel, but once Lucas was revived, Zadkiel sent his earthly minions to keep him quiet, so he might fulfill his mission to overthrow the holy city. The nurses of New Beulah Hospital in Montana were those servants, and they kept Lucas prisoner in his hospital bed. At least until the day Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider, came to town. Blaze figured Lucas could lead him to Heaven, so he could confront Zadkiel, but the nurses stood in his way. The Spirit of Vengeance stormed the hospital, kidnapped Lucas, and sped off as fast as his supernatural motorcycle could carry them. The nurses gave chase, and maybe they took Ghost Rider by surprise, or maybe Zadkiel empowered them to be tougher than they looked, but they gave Blaze a run for his money. They fought him with guns, blades, and pretty much anything else they could throw at him, and they almost defeated Ghost Rider. Unfortunately for them, the Cycle Nurses either met their demise by the power of Ghost Rider or the hands of cannibal specters. However, it wasn't until Lucas killed himself and Zadkiel called the head nurse home, and she crumbled into dust in front of Ghost Rider's eyes that chase was finally over.

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