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Marvel Universe 

Dark Guard


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
The Refuge

First Appearance
Dark Guard #1 (1993)

Current Members:
Team is inactive

The Dark Guard was assembled by the Time Guardian to stop the threat of Mys-Tech destroying Eopia to fulfill their commitment to the Hell-lord, Mephisto. In their first mission the Dark Guard performed poorly in their initial encounter with the forces of Eopia. Killpower and Liger were captured by the Technarchy during a battle with Collapsar. The Time Guardian sent Superconductor to explain the politics of Eopia to them. Death's Head and Motormouth spearheaded a valiant rescue attempt to free their friends from the Technarchy. The Time Guardian chastised Superconductor for allowing the Dark Guard to try to rescue Liger and Killpower from the Technarchy suggesting that they should have never been captured to begin with. The Superconductor was spared from the latter half of the Time Guardian's tirade by the sudden appearance of Stacy Arnheim.

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