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Marvel Universe 

Deadly Genesis


Marvel Universe

Key Characters
Vulcan (Gabriel Summers),Darwin,Petra,Sway,X-Men

With Professor X missing after M-Day Emma Frost made an attempt at locating him with Cerebra but instead located a NASA shuttle crashing into orbit that seemed to contain an omega level mutant. When Wolverine, Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Marvel Girl investigated the crash site they discovered that the shuttle was caught by a hand made from the earth itself and were soon ambushed by a mysterious figure who defeated the trio within seconds. Banshee was at this time searching Muir Island for clues of Xaiver's whereabouts and envisioned Moira MacTaggert leading him to some important documents based on Xavier. Wolverine awoke from the fight to find that Cyclops and Marvel Girl had been kidnapped and was arrested by the military for being found in the crash site. He was rescued by the other X-Men shortly after.

Cyclops and Marvel Girl woke up as prisoners of the figure who defeated them earlier and discovered that their powers were no longer working. Meanwhile the rest of the X-Men began to suffer visions of their past. Nightcrawler and Wolverine retrieved a message from Banshee who claimed to have an important discovery for them and to meet him at the airport, the message was intercepted by the mysterious figure who sent the X-Jet into a collision course with the plane containing Banshee and everybody on board.

The mysterious figure returned to Cyclops and Marvel Girl and used Marvel Girl's telepathy to scan the minds of several X-Men, it is during this Marvel Girl realized that the figure knew Xavier. Wolverine and Nightcrawler recovered a tape cassette from the plane wreckage and discovered that Xavier had sent another rescue attempt to Krakoa before them. A team of X-Men that consisted of Darwin, Sway, Petra, and Kid Vulcan that failed their mission.

Cyclops and Marvel Girl escaped their prison which is revealed to be the Muir Mactaggert research facility and discovered their kidnapper is Kid Vulcan and also Cyclops's brother. After Vulcan destroyed a Sentinel and its pilot, Marvel Girl managed to escape and alert the other X-Men. Vulcan was discovered on Muir Island with both Cyclops and Xavier (who can now walk but has lost his mutant powers). Xavier revealed that the first rescue team of X-Men were killed in action and that he had changed Cyclops's memories into thinking that he escaped on his own. Vulcan had survived when his teammate Darwin fused with his body and sent them both into hibernation as Krakoa was sent into space. Vulcan learns from Xavier that he was taken by the Shi'ar with his parents, had his growth accelerated, was turned into a slave on Earth, and his mother was killed by his kidnappers. Marvel Girl separated Darwin from Vulcan which gave the X-Men a fighting chance but Vulcan flew into space to extract revenge on the Shi'ar.

The X-Men later held a funeral for Banshee, Petra and Sway; It is at that moment Cyclops expelled Xavier from their home for his actions.

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