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Marvel Universe 

Death's Head 3.0


Earth-6216, Marvel Universe

First Appearance
(Earth-6216) Amazing Fantasy #16 (2005); (Earth-616) Incredible Hulk #92 (2006),

Home World
Sakaar, Tayo system, Fornax galaxy

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Physical Description
The Death's Head 3.0 were completely inorganic cybernetic warriors with a humanoid-like appearance.

Approximately 30 years ago, a space vessel containing nearly 300 Death’s Head units crashed-landed on the planet of Sakaar in Fornax galaxy’s Tayo star system after pulling through the Great Portal that opened into Sakaar’s orbit. When the Death’s Heads’ lead unit was destroyed by Sakaar’s “Father Emperor” (Angmo), the remaining units pledged allegiance to the Father Emperor and joined him in his war against the Spikes, parasitic invaders who threaten to consume all organic life on the planet. As completely inorganic cybernetic warriors, the Death’s Head unit proved immune to the Spikes’ ability to assimilate organic matter and was instrumental in the Spikes’ eventual defeat approximately 26 years ago. Upon the end of the war, the Death’s Heads’ vessel was transported to the Empire’s new capital at Crown City where it is was converted into the Emperor’s palace while the remaining Death’s Head unit continued to serve in the father Emperor’s army. Upon the Father Emperor’s death, his son, Red King (Angmo II), inherited control of the Death’s Head and recalled them to the Crown City to serve as his personal guard after becoming suspicious of rebel sympathizers in his Imperial Guard.

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