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Marvel Universe 

Delta Force


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
The Delta Network is housed within the Pentagon in Wahington. D.C.

First Appearance
Avengers #370 (1994)

Current Members:
Dragona, El Toro Rojo, Enigmo, Karkas, Kro (leader), Ransak, Tzabaoth

When an injured Sersi fell into the subterranean complex of the Deviant, Kro, and asked for help in rescuing her comrades, the Avengers, he used his Delta Network to find other members of his race who were looking to make a better life for themselves and other Deviants. He found and recruited Enigmo, a wrestler in the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, Dragona, self appointed protector of her people, Karkas and Ransak, two Deviants that were making their way as actors, Tzabaoth, Kro’s own children with the ability to merge into one powerful entity, and El Toro Rojo, a former wrestler now trapped within a Red Bull Totem in the possession of a young autistic boy. The group accompanied Sersi to Lemuria where they opposed the forces of Ghaur as well as a group of mind controlled Avengers. Even though they eventually liberated the Avengers, both Delta Force and the Avengers had no choice but to leave Lemuria with Ghaur as its leader for fear of throwing their society in complete chaos should they have defeated him. Kro ensured Delta Force that they would deal with Ghaur in time, but where and when has yet to be revealed.

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