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Marvel Universe 

Dimensional Envelope


Marvel Universe

Formerly the collar of the Chief of Security of Knowhere, Cosmo

Unrevealed, but it was created in one of Knowhere's labs.

Star-Lord; formerly Cosmo

In order to save the inhabitants of Knowhere from the monster known as Abyss, the Chief of Security, Cosmo, transported the survivors of Abyss' initial attack inside the Dimensional Envelope. There they remained safe until Cosmo and Nova defeated Abyss and his zombie army including the powerful members of the Luminals.

After Cosmo had been killed by the Magus, Star-Lord took possession of the device. He felt it necessary to use it on the inhabitants of Knowhere when he desperately needed to hijack the space station to rescue Moondragon and Cynosure from the Universal Church of Truth. Rocket Raccoon was able to pilot the ship to save the women and returned it to its original location when the mission was completed. The delegates on Knowhere were angered to have been stored away without their consent, but a united front by the Guardians and the Luminals demonstrated Star-Lord's action was ultimately for the greater good.

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