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Marvel Universe 




First Appearance
Incredible Hulk #271 (1982)

Home World

Technology Level
Presumably none


Physical Description
Large bat-like creatures with slashing claws

Drakillars were initially thought to have been bio-engineered on Spacewheel by Inter-Stel Mechanics’ chief scientist, Uncle Pyko. It was later on Drakillars were known to be roaming carnivorous space creatures in the Keystone Quadrant that never pledged to defend the citizens of Halfworld as the other animals did.
Enlarge Image
Bio-engineered Drakillar
Drakillars' motivations for serving Lord Dyvyne have yet to be revealed, but they were an essential weapon against Rocket Raccoon and his allies, Wal Rus and Lylla, during the Toy Wars. Much different from the telepathic automations dubbed with the same name, Drakillars possessed normal level intelligence and could speak. In the end, it appeared the Drakillars were loyal to no one as the one carrying Dyvyne and Judson Jakes back to Mayhem Mekaniks, after the Toy Wars had ended, threw both of them to their deaths when their arguing hurt its sensitive ears.

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