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Big Bang


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Earth-01011010 has a unique attribute called Henge-Nodes which are similar to dimensional portals. One such Henge-Node was able to open a portal to Earth-616. It can be presumed they can open portals anywhere in the multiverse, but that has yet to be revealed.

First Appearance
Mentioned (Savage She-Hulk #4, 2009); Shown (Incredible Hulk #600, 2009)

Other worlds do exist, and with them comes a very different perspective of how life began on Earth. On one such world, binary code was created before genetic code, and technology evolved first. The citizens of this world are called the Mechclans, and they were permitted to exist as long as they uploaded ritual sacrifices through something called Henge-Nodes. Another clan on this Earth was known as the Cyber-Sidhe, and they were feared because they wielded something not understood by the technological beings on this Earth – a thing called life. A renegade Chieftain of the Cyber-Sidhe, Phinn Mac Mram, wanted to enslave the Mechclans, but he was banished – along with his army – to Earth-616.

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