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Marvel Universe 





Big Bang


Points of Interest
Earth, Skrull, Kree empires

First Appearance
What If? #19 (1990)

The Vision, not swayed by the Avengers moral arguments as he was in the events that took place on the Earth, takes over the world’s entire computer network. He announces to the world that he intends to bring about a “golden age” on Earth where poverty, disease and war will be abolished. The United Nations agrees to the Vision’s plan, including the planet’s superheroes. In a few years, a united Earth government is established, and the exploration of the solar system begins in earnest.

Once faster-than-light space travel becomes possible, humanity spreads through the galaxy, aided by the Cosmic Avengers (Earth-90110) (Thor, Starhawk, Irondroid, Commander America, the Tachyon Torch and Jhen the Gammazon). The Kree and the Skrull empires have become fearful of the rapidly spreading humans, and plot to destroy the Earth with Halley’s Comet. The now Ultra-Vision dispatches the Cosmic Avengers to thwart the aliens’ plan, and the heroes are more than successful: The defeat of the Kree and Skrulls leads to peaceful revolutions in their respective societies.

Sometime later, the malevolent Korvac -- the half-man, half-computer entity from the future -- is diverted by the Time Keepers to Earth-90110 as the Keepers believe the omnipotent Ultra-Vision has become a threat to them. Korvac whisks from the future, and then psychically controls the Guardians of the Galaxy to assist him in battling the Cosmic Avengers. Korvac and the Guardians defeat the Cosmic Avengers, and promptly infiltrate the Mars moon-base where the Ultra-Vision's consciousness is housed. Korvac plugs into the Ultra-Vision's computer systems and defeats him. However, the Time Keepers realize that a Korvac-ruled Earth will be as, if not more, destructive than they had realized, so John Fury, descendant of Nick Fury, is whisked by the Keepers in the heat of battle where he's shown that a sonic device will bring the Cosmic Avengers out of their Korvac-induced mind-control. After freeing the Guardians from their mind-control, Irondroid plugs into Korvac's original body and creates a cyber-duplicate of the villain, thus causing the two "programs" to cancel each other out. Korvac is defeated, but, unfortunately, the Ultra-Vision had been destroyed by Korvac first.

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