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Big Bang


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First Appearance
What If? #19 (1990)

After the Vision seized control of all the world’s computer systems, the nation of Genosha believed that the United States was unwilling to act to prevent the android from consolidating his control. In response, Genosha teleported a tactical nuclear device to New York City and exploded it in the hopes of inducing a state of shock into the Vision’s mainframe. Unfortunately, the Vision was already well established in the planet’s computer network, so the attack was a failure. With New York destroyed, the U.S. economy went into a deep depression, and the government decayed into virtual anarchy. The populace believed that the Vision was to blame for the nuking of New York, and in the process any and all machines available were destroyed. The chaos in the U.S. spread to other nations, and the Vision was unable to do anything about it -- for the nonce.

Eventually, the Vision sent a message to those few still operating computers, asking for their assistance in preventing Earth from becoming an irrevocable land of savagery. His message was received by this Earth’s Mad Thinker, Dr. Doom, the Supreme Hydra and Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. The initial stage of this group’s Earth-takeover bid included the Thinker’s mass production of his Awesome Android, which was utilized by the Kingpin’s criminal organization in assuming control of the United States. In Europe and the Soviet Union, Dr. Doom’s Vision-enhanced robot army took control, while the Supreme Hydra finished the job elsewhere with a combination of androids and robots.

Earth-90111 became a dark, dreary but efficient society in the vein of the old, communist totalitarian nations. When this ruthless Earth eventually spread to the stars, it was not as explorers, it was as conquerors. Earth swiftly overcame the Alpha Centaurians, the Aakon and Rigellian Colonizers, and eventually the powerful Kree and Skrull empires took notice by the beginning of the 22nd century. The two offered an Earth delegation, comprised of the new Supreme Hydra, the clone of Dr. Doom, and the Metazoid (which contained the intellect of the former Mad Thinker), an alliance whereby they all could wipe out the remaining galactic powers and thus rule the local galactic cluster. The Kree and Skrulls had a hidden agenda, however; they only pretended to defeat the Badoon Empire and actually entered into a triple alliance with them to defeat the Earth. The Vision, still in ultimate control of all things on Earth, foresaw the Kree/Skrull treachery, and had made plans accordingly. He had introduced a computer virus into the program that was the Kree Supreme Intelligence turning it into the Vision’s own program. The Skrulls, who now universally used a new drug, are told that they will die if they do not receive a regular supply of it from Earth. And, lastly, Hydra soldiers had seized the planet where the Badoon hide their females and their offspring eggs.

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