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Marvel Universe 





Big Bang


First Appearance
What If? #53 (1993)

On this Earth, Arno Stark, Iron Man of the year 2020, has been stranded in the past after his failed attempt to secure the retinal patterns of terrorist Robert Saunders. This is due to Spider-Man critically damaging key time-transport components in his armor. After serving a brief jail sentence, Arno Stark contacts Tony Stark's cousin Morgan after learning of Tony’s apparent death. The two concoct a scheme which will implicate Jim Rhodes in Tony’s “death,” thereby enabling the two to gain control of Stark Enterprises.

Arno, however, further schemes by double-crossing Morgan and attempting a deal with Rhodes. Rhodes, in his War Machine armor, angrily refuses Arno’s offer. Arno, who has cloaked his own Iron Man armor, attacks Rhodes, killing him. A short time later, a now-revived Tony Stark, controlling his Iron Man armor via a telepresence system, confronts Morgan about all that has transpired. He soon-after comes into battle with Arno, severely damaging Arno's armor, including his boot jets. Iron Man 2020 plummets to his death, leaving Tony Stark wondering who he was.

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