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Marvel Universe 

Earth-S (Earth-712)


Other-Earth, Earth-S (Earth-712)

Alternate reality

Big Bang


Points of Interest
Utopia Isle, Southern Sea; Squadron City, Great American Desert; Rocket Central orbiting satellite

Similar to Earth-616; notably lacking in superhuman population, rooted primarily in an unusually large and dominant U.S.A. Some place names differ: Cosmopolis, New Troy (New York, New York), Moreland (Vermont), etc.

First Appearance
Avengers #85 (1971)

Earth-712, also referred to as "Other-Earth" or "Earth-S," is the alternate reality best known for its team of superhuman champions, the Squadron Supreme. The Squadron largely represents the entire superhuman population of Earth-712; its lack of superhuman beings is one of its key distinctions. Otherwise, it is similar to Earth in many ways, although some details of geography are different, such as Cosmopolis, New Troy being the equivalent of Earth’s New York City, New York.

Earth-712 first became known when the cosmic gamesman, the Grandmaster, discovered the alternate Earth and coveted the Squadron Supreme as pawns for his superhuman tournaments. He found a competitor in the time-traveler called the Scarlet Centurion, who organized the Institute of Evil, a team of the Squadron's personal foes, as his pawns, only to lose. (The triumph later prompted the Grandmaster to use his own version of the Squadron when he needed pawns, creating the Squadron Sinister.) The Avengers were the first humans to visit Earth-712 after they accidentally traveled to this Earth when leaving the home dimension of Arkon, and despite a misunderstanding, quickly returned to their native Earth-616

It was only in more recent years that Earth-712 began experiencing more than simply superficial differences. The Squadron’s Nighthawk was made the president after ridding the U.S. government from the influence of the Serpent Crown. Unfortunately, in a similar circumstance, Nighthawk and his government, and the Squadron were taken over by the alien Overmind and Null the Living Darkness, a demonic entity. With the Squadron's help, the Overmind took over the world, and it took Hyperion to seek help from Earth-616’s Defenders to rid the world of Overmind and Null. But in many ways, it was too late, as Earth-712 was left in disarray, its world economy and global political state in chaos. The Squadron’s “Utopia Program” established some order through martial law and the enforcement of several technological advances at the sake of personal liberty. Although the world began to have some semblance of peace and prosperity, this new era, too, failed, as the in-fighting among the Squadron sparked a civil war between them, and the Squadron abandoned the Program.

Almost immediately, however, the existence of the entire Earth-712 dimension was threatened by the sudden appearance of the powerful Nth Man, who was nullifying whole dimensions as he passed through them. Various members of the Squadron Supreme assembled with Professor Imam and their enemies, Master Menace and the Scarlet Centurion, but despite the best efforts and sacrifices of the assembled champions, they failed to turn back the force of the Nth Man. Ultimately, however, the Nth Man made contact with the infant son of the Squadron’s, Arcanna, who had the potential to be the dimension's most powerful magic user. The two agreed to switch places, with the Nth Man (Thomas Lightner) becoming the sorcerer supreme and Arcanna's son Benjamin contracting the extradimensional force, regurgitating all that the Nth Man previously absorbed, restoring reality.

Unfortunately, when the Squadron tried to return to their Earth, they found themselves shunted to the Earth-616 instead. After various adventures here, the team finally managed to return to Earth with the help of the Avengers. They found their world completely different than they had left it. The people of Earth-712 had grown weary of the constant natural, political, and social upheavals that had plagued the world in recent years, largely because of the presence of the Squadron. Instead, they elected leaders into a Global Directorate with far-reaching and invasive political powers. The Directorate used the devices of Utopia Program for themselves, creating a totalitarian government. The Squadron thought Master Menace behind the tyrannical regime, but found him to be only a pawn of the Global Directorate. The Squadron rescued Menace and returned him to their new headquarters on Utopia Isle. The team dedicated themselves to their new role, that of freedom fighters and champions of the oppressed. Their mission is currently that much more acute in the face of their Earth's current, tyrannical one-world government.