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Marvel Universe 

Edifice Rex


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Rex Randolph

Edifice Rex

Known to authorities


Place of Birth
Humble, Texas

First Appearance
Rex Randolph, Damage Control #1 (1989)

Named Edifice Rex (Damage Control #2, 1991)

Rex Randolph was a contract construction worker for Damage Control. A company responsible for cleaning up the damage caused to the city of Manhattan, by its superhero population. After a battle between a robot created by the Tinkerer, the heroes Spider-Man and the Avengers, Rex stumbled upon an alien artifact. The glowing green artifact granted Rex immense cosmic power and he immediately took to the skies claiming that his destiny was elsewhere. He left the Earth seeking purpose.

While he was off the planet Earth, Rex learned to master his new powers and latter realized that his purpose did not have to change from the goals and objectives of Damage Control. He adopted the motto to Clean, Repair and Restore. With this plan in mind, he returned to Earth once again. He found his way to Yankee Stadium where there was a conflict brewing between the Hulk, the New Warriors and Damage Control, who were trying to prevent any further damage to the property. Rex informed everyone of his new purpose, by sanitizing the attendants and everything else in the stadium. John Porter convinced him to first clean up an asteroid belt in deep space.

Rex became very obsessive of his new position and thought it would be a good idea to correct the mess that was made by the creation event also known as the "Big Bang." This thought brought Rex into the attention of the "Cosmic Congress" a collection of cosmic abstract beings consisting of Death, Eternity, Galactus, Infinity, the In-Betweener, Lord Chaos and Master Order. Rex along with several other members of Damage Control was brought before the Cosmic Congress and he stated his case. Master was the only being in agreement with his ideas. Fearing that confronting Rex themselves would create greater universal problems. Galactus instructed the Silver Surfer to go to Earth and find opposition through the Earth's heroes. the Surfer rallied the combined might of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the New Warriors, X-Men, Hulk, Punisher, Andromeda, and Deathlok, although Edifice was never really defeated by the heroes. He was simply fired by Robin of Damage Control and Rex eventually left to whereabouts unknown.

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